Managing SaaS metrics is a pain.

Stop endlessly wading through a sea of dashboards. We analyze your metrics 24/7, spot issues before it’s too late, and guide you to take the right action.

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Tap into the pulse of your SaaS revenue engine

  • Measure what matters

    Best-practice metrics for driving a fast-acting SaaS revenue engine.

  • Eliminate surprises

    Automated analytics deliver insights on changes impacting performance.

  • Use your time wisely

    A single feed of insights versus a plethora of reports and dashboards.

How Corvana Works

Our Metrics Time Machine transforms your raw CRM data into a high-performance, analytics ready powerhouse. The Corvana SaaS Metrics Cortex is an automated analytics engine that works continuously across all metrics as new data arrives.

Metrics Time Machine

  • Full CRM history recreated in a fast, secure analytic database
  • Enriched with a library of best-practice SaaS metrics
  • Automatic updates eliminate the burden of managing snapshots
  • Powerful Analytics answers questions that CRM reporting cannot

SaaS Metrics Cortex

  • Models normal patterns across all SaaS and Rep activity metrics
  • Detects unexpected changes and emerging trends as data arrives
  • Forecasts when you’re expected to miss or exceed targets
  • Correlates & prioritizes results into a personalized feed of insights
Corvana Insight Feed

Insights from across all your metrics, condensed to a single feed that’s as familiar as checking Twitter or Facebook.  Spend less time hunting for answers and more time taking action.

"It's as easy as checking your Twitter feed!"
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Drowning in dashboards?

It's time for a new approach

Simple Activity Feed

CRM Reporting & Traditional BI


DIY data prep, dashboard building and maintenance

Best-practice metrics built-in, simply point to your CRM

Manually wade through sea of dashboards

Automated analytics and insights

Limited to analyzing how metrics look ‘today’

Analyze metrics ‘today’ and how they trend over time

Manually explore to uncover the 'why'

Contextual insights & smart discovery guide you to the ‘why’

Meet the team

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Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Product Officer

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Chief Technology Officer