Take Charge
of Your Sales Metrics.

Corvana continuously tracks every key metric and delivers insights as they occur so you can take action immediately.

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Proactive Insights Help You to Prioritize

Corvana delivers sales funnel insights as they happen.
Instantly know about changes to key metrics, including:

Sales Forecasts
Weighted Pipelines
Key Funnel Conversion Rates
Sales Cycle Velocity
Stalled or Pushed Opportunities
Rep Productivity

Why Corvana?

Corvana was purpose-built for SaaS companies that want to make
faster and better informed decisions in order to maximize revenue.

Measure What Matters

Best-practice metrics for running your SaaS business

Eliminate Surprises

Be alerted to revenue threats while you still have time to address them

Become More Proactive

Spend your time on the most impactful opportunities and threats

Save Time

Reclaim time spent creating and reviewing spreadsheets and reports

Corvana is NOT just another dashboard tool.

Corvana delivers all of your important insights in a single feed, eliminating
the need to manually review multiple dashboards over and over again.